Calling all Scribblers!

Over the years, I have encountered a number of individuals who were convinced that their drawing skills are limited to stick people. But I have never met a soul who could not scribble or doodle. Well, drawing starts by taking a line for a walk — having fun with doodling and scribbling is a step in the right direction!

There are some wonderful interactive toys online for artsy people of all skill levels. I came across a few of those, courtesy of I like the slogan on the website:

‘Many have come, but I like you the best’

Well, on that positive note, who would not want to try out a few? One of my favourites is the SCRIBBLER — beware, it’s very addictive!

Step 1: create a simple line drawing (yes, stick people will do).

Step 2: let the fun begin – click on ‘start scribbler’ and your line drawing will be turned into amazing scribble art. Like a fast-moving spider, the program turns your drawing into a web-like work of art, producing wild line textures. While the scribbler is doing its thing, you can change the line transparency and thickness, scribbliness, and the colour of the lines. You’ll want to do more than one — it’s so much fun! If you like to keep the drawing, take a screenshot, crop it in your paint program and save on your computer.

Once you get tired of drawing lines, try the flowers tool — this is pure FLOWER POWER! It allows you to create floral designs by adding various petal shapes and colours. While changing the transparency and overlapping the shapes, you can create some truly amazing 3-D effects. I’ve created two flowers, each with a different colour scheme:

These free online tools appeal to people of all ages and abilities. It’s a great way to practice drawing skills, colour theory and design. As an added bonus, they are really fun to work with.

Happy scribbling!


About gamppart

I'm a Visual Artist, Environmentalist, and Art Educator. My areas of creative expression include acrylic painting, mixed media and mosaic art. I especially like working with broken china, which allows me to use discarded, second-hand materials. I'm fond of textures, colours, and organic forms. Cats and chickens are my muse.
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2 Responses to Calling all Scribblers!

  1. This doodling apps is a reall kick ass! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Oh wow, thanks for reminding me of this! I tried it a while back and then lost the link. It’s so much fun! I really appreciate your stopping by my blog and commenting.

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