A few months ago, a skunk decided to make her home underneath my garden shed. I wasn’t too thrilled about the new tenant, but skunks are nocturnal and I didn’t see or smell her presence the following weeks.

This morning, while enjoying a lovely cup of tea on my deck, I noticed a small black & white furball roaming around my peppermint patch. At first, I thought it was a funny coloured squirrel, but upon close inspection, it turned out to be a baby skunk. Later today, I counted four little critters meandering about the garden … mother skunk must have been sleeping while her curious charges were looking for adventures.

Like all baby animals, the kits are very cute, but alas, I don’t wish to have an unexpected close encounter with Pepé Le Pew’s odour-able children …


About gamppart

I'm a Visual Artist, Environmentalist, and Art Educator. My areas of creative expression include acrylic painting, mixed media and mosaic art. I especially like working with broken china, which allows me to use discarded, second-hand materials. I'm fond of textures, colours, and organic forms. Cats and chickens are my muse.
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1 Response to Odour-ableTenants

  1. Definitely a mixed blessing!

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