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Anaglyph Tutorial in Photoshop

Do you have a pair of those funny red/cyan paper glasses in your chunk drawer? Why not create a 3-D effect in Photoshop? This tutorial is using one photograph to make things easy for people who are just starting out to … Continue reading

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Mosaic Maker

One of the nifty little tools I like for creating photo mosaics is the one by Big Huge Labs. This free program provides a choice of using images from a variety of sources, such as photosets, favourites, tags, or individual photos that can … Continue reading

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Environmental art: colour pencils

environmental art: colour pensils, a photo by dollydori on Flickr. This is one of my favourite recent finds on Flickr: giant log pencil crayons. I like to describe environmental art as the artist’s conversation with nature. The landscape provides the … Continue reading


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Creativity in Education

When young children are provided with paint and paper, they will eagerly dip the brushes into the pigment and fly with their imagination. Some years back, I visited a grade one classroom where I taught an enthusiastic group how to mix … Continue reading

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Art Speaks Volumes …

and Franke James can tell you why! It just so happens that Franke is very passionate about the environment, as we all should be. Global warming is a term I did not grow up with, but for today’s youth, it’s … Continue reading

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Lifelong Learners with an Artistic Mind

There are many useful sites one can find ‘tips for installing the habit of lifelong learning’ and definitions for such state of mind. I’d like to write about my own list of lifelong learning habits for the artsy crowd. So … Continue reading

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