Mosaic Maker

One of the nifty little tools I like for creating photo mosaics is the one by Big Huge Labs. This free program provides a choice of using images from a variety of sources, such as photosets, favourites, tags, or individual photos that can be uploaded. Of course, it’s great for artists and photographers to showcase their own work: I’ve created this one from my Flickr Mosaic Torso photoset.copyright Christa Gampp

1. Mosaic Torso with Tempered Glass and Gemstones, 2. Nature Torso Mosaic, 3. Mosaic Torso with Tempered Glass, 4. Torso Mosaic: Three Generations, 5. Wedgwood Mosaic, 6. Torso Mosaic with Swirls, 7. Jewel Torso Mosaic with Stained Glass Insert, 8. Wedding Torso Mosaic with Porcelain Roses, 9. Torso Mosaic with Stained Glass Roses


About gamppart

I'm a Visual Artist, Environmentalist, and Art Educator. My areas of creative expression include acrylic painting, mixed media and mosaic art. I especially like working with broken china, which allows me to use discarded, second-hand materials. I'm fond of textures, colours, and organic forms. Cats and chickens are my muse.
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  1. Thank you, thank you for introducing me to bighugelabs! What fun. And thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I very much appreciate it.

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